Teaching in Korea

Here are some posts regarding our experiences teaching in Korea. Click on the links to view.

Frustrating high school students, attempting to exert some
authority, and some light-hearted stories from the classroom.

The deteriorating quality of my spoken English and high
school students lack of holiday time.

Teaching about the Royal Wedding.

Koreans are very friendly, warm and welcoming. They also love
to compare foreigners to celebrities and compliment us. They’re also very
honest and things often get lost in translation.

Some amusing conversations with students.

General reflections on our first 10 months teaching.

Another teacher trip, relatively amusing.

The very first post – such naivity and excitement!

The second – Settling into the new school and surroundings

Describing the easy first few weeks.

A little about Korean students behaviour, before once again

School festival

The High School SAT exam, a thieving elementary school
student and some more.

A little bit about classroom dynamics, discipline, Christmas and the Korean perspective on


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