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HK 2012

To my avid followers and absurd number of facebook ‘friends’, well the very few that have any interest in my life; you are probably already aware that we spent a week in Hong Kong this February. Some of you probably saw the pictures.

To those with an extreme (almost stalker like) interest in my life, you will also know we visited last January. So why would we want to go again?

Well for starters, we really, REALLY liked Hong Kong during our two night stay last year. However, two nights wasn’t long enough.

We would have also spent a month backpacking around Burma beforehand, so a bit of first-world luxury and home comforts wouldn’t go amiss before returning to Korea.

It also just so happened that my lovely parents were conveniently keen to see Amelia and I (as they miss us) and were very kindly offering to fly halfway across the world, grace us with their company and foot the hotel bill… So why the hell wouldn’t we go to Hong Kong?!

We arrived to Hong Kong looking tramp-like in our dirty, scruffy clothes and attracted several funny looks as we checked in at our posh, well to-do hotel in Causeway Bay.

Parents on the roof of our hotel – Causeway Bay

You know you’ve hit a low-point when your parents complain you are cramping their style, which mine did… almost as soon as they saw us.

There they are, sat in the relatively trendy upmarket hotel bar thinking they’re quite sophisticated and smart amongst the businessmen, professionals and other tourists – and then we walk in, all the way from Burma. Looking like a pair of student, gypsy backpackers. It’s amazing the difference 24 hours makes – In Burma we were kings, mixing in the same jaunts as diplomats, royalty and rock stars (Well, once upon a time). In Hong Kong (wearing pretty much the same clothes), we were effectively peasants once more. Back to reality.

Needless to say, once my parents had said hello and Mum had given the obligatory hug and “Hello baby I’ve missed you, your Auntie Helen told me to give you this” (Before planting a smacker on my cheek), they very politely (but not exactly ‘subtly’) suggested we go change, tidy up a bit and make ourselves a tad smarter. We weren’t stylish enough to sit with them. We did as they asked, although not very well (as they kept reminding us!).

Anyway, what did we do in HK?

We went shopping (BORING). Unfortunately, shops in Hk aint’ cheap, so it took us hours / several days to find items we liked, that weren’t extortionately priced.

We did the usual tourist things, we went to the Peak, we watched a Symphony of Lights, we took the Star Ferry, went to the Races, explored Kowloon, we even took a ferry to Macau. It was great, except for the weather. Apart from that, we had a lot of fun. We even got to eat proper Fish and Chips from an Irish bar. Bliss.

The highlight though was probably our evening at the Happy Valley Races. Possibly the most spectacular race course in the world (not that I’ve seen many, but I think it would take some serious beating). We didn’t lose much money either, my parents actually won!

Out of the blocks at Happy Valley

They won all their money back on the very first race!

Sadly Amelia and I didn’t…

I wrote a huge post about HK last year after we visited, I will cut this one short for fear of repeating myself.

However, HK is awesome. If I could live in London or Hong Kong – I’d choose Hong Kong. In fact, if I could live anywhere – I’d live in Hong Kong.

I’d love to live in Hong Kong one day. It seems extremely livable, cool and has all the home comforts that Korea doesn’t. Trouble is I can’t think of anything worse than working in finance (not to mention I’d suck at it) and I don’t wish to be an ESL teacher for the rest of my life. My opportunities are limited, so it’s probably not going to happen.

But one can dream…

If you ever have the opportunity to visit – GO!