Living in Korea

Below are the links to posts telling of our experiences living in Korea so far. Feel free to have a peek, some posts are better than others, some are amusing, and some may be considered informative.

Generally sharing some more classroom stories, but also
mentioning what it’s like to attend a local festival as a foreigner.

When my parents came to visit.

Why we’re renewing our contracts and a visit to the doctors.

Koreans are very friendly, warm and welcoming. They also love
to compare foreigners to celebrities and compliment us. They’re also very
honest and things often get lost in translation.

General reflections on our first 10 months teaching.

Christmas in Korea – 2011

Some amusing conversations

Another teacher trip, relatively amusing.

Further down in this post, you will find information about
shopping and inquisitive locals in rural South Korea.

The DMZ and Inter-Korean relations

More experiences with the locals

The shelling of Yeongpyeong Island by North Korea.  A worrying 24 hours.

A trip with my fellow Korean teachers

Christmas in Korea


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