Welcome to Plummer and Chins Asian Adventure.

Over the last five and a bit years this blog has evolved. Starting out it was pretty much about our experiences teaching English in South Korea. In recent years it has developed more of a “travel” focus with information and pictures about some of the awesome places we have been fortunate enough to visit, intertwined with some of our experiences and stories along the way.

We are not particularly skilled writers, or photographers – but we do our best to try and make this website interesting for our (very) small army of readers… (Namely my mum, aunts, and a few other travelers that happen to stumble across this every now and then!)


Daniel and Amelia


6 thoughts on “Home”

    1. Hi there, I was working next door to Yuchon (at Gandong) until two weeks ago. We have just moved to China, but there are quite a few other teachers in Hwacheon. Kelvin, the guy who replaced me and will be working in the building next door to you for the next 12 months e-mail address is; klimonte@yahoo.com I’m sure he’ll respond to your e-mail. Also try e-mailing Joel at jeknibbe@gmail.com. Everyone is pretty young and I’m sure they’d all love to meet you and hang out. I hope you are enjoying your time in Hwacheon!


      1. Thank you so much! Enjoy your time in China! Any words of advice for teaching/living up here? I just shot the two guys an email so hopefully we can meet up. Take care!


      2. My advice would be to enjoy it, see and do as much as you can and explore all that Hwacheon has to offer. If you’re feeling lonely at any point, meet up with the guys in Hwacheon or head to Chuncheon / Seoul for a dose of civilisation. Talking of which, have you heard back from Joel or Kelvin?


  1. Daniel! How are you my friend!! I’m so jealous of all the travelling you have done with your long summers etc. but I too am joining the world of public schools after two years in language centers! Seeing as I’m only in hangzhou I think we need to have a catch up!! I’m glad you are enjoying china! How is the Chinese going? Would love to see you guys! Hope all is well. Jemma xxx


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