Eastern China

Eastern China is the rich part of China, It’s where most of China’s 1.3 billion inhabitants live. It’s home to huge cities, industrial belts and ports. It’s also the cradle of Chinese civilisation.

We travelled around the east a little, to the main places, but there’s a problem with travelling in the east, and large parts of China for that matter.

First off, there’s the domestic tourists. Not just ordinary tourists, but masses of Chinese tour groups, in any place of interest. Without fail, anywhere they go, the experience becomes little fun for anybody else. And there’s no escaping them. Being stood on top of a mountain with 500 other people, isn’t quite how we like to travel.

Then there’s the exorbitant entrance fees, often daylight robbery.

Then there’s the naff, tacky commercialisation of everything – again, being stood on top of a beautiful mountain, with McDonalds to keep you company.

And, we haven’t even mentioned the pollution. See here, and here.

We’ve done a bit of travelling in the east, but Chinese cities are just that, cities. Once you’ve seen the good ones – (Beijing and Shanghai), there’s not much point in seeing the rest!

A couple of weeks in the east, taking in the Great Wall, Beijing and one or two other places is a must, but after that, GO WEST!

This is what we’ve done in the east.

Avatars Pandora exists, in China, kind of (Zhangjiajie, Hunan)

The changing face of Fujian’s Tulous

A weekend in Shanghai

An Anhui Chinese New Year

Riding the back roads of Yangshuo

7 Nights in Beijing


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