Burma (Myanmar)

My mind ran wild with creative ideas, thoughts and inspiration during our time in Burma. Few things inspire me like travel does, and I doubt there are few places that can inspire, enrage and delight quite like Burma can.

During our stay, I was inspired by the beauty of the landscapes; the simplicity of life; the golden pagodas; the turbulent history; the dignity of the people; the hope they had.

I was enraged by the tourist pricing; the exchange rates; the petty regulations; the poverty; the inequality; the government; the history; the ridiculous length of bus journeys; the corruption; the taxis; the taxes; the oppression.

I was delighted by the people we met; the places we saw; the stories we heard; the fruit juices; the moments we shared and the pictures we took.

Here are some of my ramblings;

Why Burma?

Before the boom in Rangoon

Where Canberra meets Pyongyang – Nay Pyi Taw, Burma 

The Beauty of Burma


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