Hello, we are Dan and Amelia. Two mid-twenty something Brits who over the last five and a bit years have been living, working and travelling our way around Asia.

We arrived to South Korea in August 2010 as university graduates fresh out of university seeking adventure. Two years later, we moved to Nanjing, China for the next chapter of our journey. Over the last five years or so we have travelled extensively around the Far East, ticking multiple items off our bucket list and have decided that for now at least, Asia is home. Five years after leaving the UK we are now working at an International School in China as newly qualified teachers, and do our utmost to make the most of the extensive holidays our school affords us!

This blog, primarily, is a means to keep family and friends back home updated on how things are going and what we’ve been up to as the time difference makes keeping in regular contact virtually impossible. It also seeks to provide ideas, inspiration and advice for fellow travellers who happen to stumble across this amateurish attempt at a travel blog!



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Exploring Asia Since August 2010.

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