This is how we’re going to save thousands of peoples lives

This is about the lives of thousands of workers working in conditions akin to slavery, who are going to die unless we do something.

I’ve just watched an incredible video on Youtube. I strongly urge anyone reading this to spare 13 minutes of their lives to watch it – seriously. Once you’ve watched it, you will undoubtedly feel like I do, regardless of whether you care about the World Cup or not.

If you want to try to make a difference, then please scroll down and read.

Having watched the video, you’re probably feeling amused, thinking who is this British guy that I’ve never heard of – he’s pretty funny. And my word, on the basis of this video (the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of him) – he is.

However, he actually addressed some pretty serious issues, that are, how can we put it, just morally wrong. That no decent human being could possibly even try to defend.

Quite obviously, no decent person, or football fan, wants the World Cup in Qatar (unless you are possibly an Arab / Qatari) because:

Now most people reading this are mere minions (no offence meant), I know I am. How can we mere minions possibly change the world and save thousands of workers lives, when faced with the power, resources, and wealth of these vast multi-national corporations?

Well I have a plan (it’s not very original), and it involves a boycott.

But no, I’m not suggesting a boycott of the World Cup. Why?

Because when you think about it, that’s pretty silly.

As you have seen in the above mentioned video, the whole world loves the World Cup. And even though I’m appalled, disgusted, outraged and full of hate towards FIFA – I’m still going to be waking up at 5:30am on Sunday morning to watch England v Italy. As are hundreds of millions of others around the world. So yeah, a boycott of the World Cup is never going to happen.

This is what we’re going to do –

We’re going to boycott the biggest sponsors. This is who they are:

Sony – Adidas – Coca Cola Hyundai / Kia – Visa – Emirates – Budweiserfifa sponsors

And this is how we’re going to do it. Seven simple things, that won’t hurt any of us.

  1. Don’t buy a Sony TV. Buy one from Samsung.

  2. Don’t buy those Adidas trainers. Buy those cool Nike ones.

  3. Don’t buy Coca Cola – Buy Pepsi.

  4. Don’t buy a Hyundai / Kia. Buy a Daewoo, or perhaps even a Toyota.

  5. Don’t use your Visa card. Use cash, or Mastercard.

  6. Don’t fly with Emirates. Fly with Etihad.

  7. Don’t buy Budweiser. Buy Carlsberg, or Heineken.

And you need to tell the world you are doing this.

Share a simple statement on Facebook or Twitter, such as I’m not drinking Budweiser this weekend, because Budweiser support FIFA”.

Share the hashtag #notoqatar2022 #boycottfifasponsors

Make up a better hashtag, do something. Whatever. Spread the word.

Share this article on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail it your Grandad. E-mail it to your boss. Get as many people on board as you can. Raise awareness.


How and why might this work?

Now I don’t drive, fly with Emirates, have any plans to buy a new TV anytime, or even use my Visa card very often. However, that’s not the point. Think about which things you can publicly boycott with ease, do it and tell the world via social media.

We’re not realistically going to impact upon these companies profits. But tomorrow when I get home from work, instead of sitting in the garden with a chilled Coca-Cola in the sun, I’m going to sit in the garden with a chilled Pepsi instead. And I’m telling the world why I’m doing that. You do the same!

As we all know, FIFA is a tainted laughing stock / disgrace of an organisation. As is the decision to award the World Cup to Qatar (and to a lesser extent, Russia).

These companies are paying hundreds of millions of dollars to have their brands associated with the FIFA World Cup. If enough of us shame them, boycott them, and publicly decry them for their support, complicity and involvement with the morally bankrupt FIFA, then perhaps they can be persuaded to apply enough pressure (either publicly or behind closed doors) to force a re-vote of the 2022 (and possibly 2018) World Cup vote, or potentially withdraw their sponsorship.

The press coverage is already proving a liability for these companies, and they are already beginning to question their support probably, and have issued statements of concern, so let’s step things up a gear. It’s not about hitting the sponsors profits, it’s about creating more negative publicity and headlines, and applying pressure

Asides from the public boycott, we can do other things too.

Phone up the companies customer service lines, spam the e-mail inboxes of executives, and ask them how they feel about being complicit in the deaths of up to 4,000 workers, and widespread, well publicised corruption.

Broadcast to the world that you are not cool with what FIFA is doing, or with the above-named multi-nationals supporting them.

Maybe you know better ways than this – that’s great, do it!

Let’s shame these corporations into doing some good. Let’s try to save these workers lives. Let’s try to achieve justice. Let’s try to reclaim the beautiful game, the world’s game. Let’s make a difference. Together we can.

FIFA won’t change unless they have to, let’s make them have to. And yes, in case you wondered, apparently I’ve written this because I’m motivated by racism. lol.

Get involved –

Below is the official list of main sponsors:
fifa world cup sponsors

Blatter and Corruption in FIFA fifa corrupt image



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