We’re staying another year, an expensive trip to the Doctors and London 2012

For those of you still unaware, Amelia and I are intending to renew our contracts for a second year. This is for several reasons – namely; financial, travel opportunities. quality of life. We’ve got a pretty sweet deal here. We miss home, but we’d be fools to give up what we have out here to go back to relative economic insecurity and instability in Britain at this time. We also like the idea of having 2-3 ‘exotic’ holidays a year.

There’s a lot of travelling we want to do in the meantime


We’ll definitely be coming back. There’s no chance of us staying in Korea forever. I imagine that when we do return for good, it will be permanent. It’d be nice to actually start some kind of ‘career’ eventually. In the nicest possible way, we don’t want to be English Language Teachers for the rest of our lives.

Being away for so long makes you appreciate home so much more. There are so many reasons for this, asides from the obvious (Family, friends, football, culture etc…).

Here’s an example;

A trip to a doctor last week in Seoul for a very simple, routine test (free on the NHS) cost us 136,000 Won (almost £80!). I was outraged, appalled and very nearly spat my dummy out. This was on top of our monthly health insurance deductions that are taken directly from our wages. I just hope neither of us have to spend any time in a hospital out here!

I’ve been told the Korean health care system isn’t bad at all. I’ve no doubt the quality of services and facilities are more than adequate.

I love you, NHS

I just don’t think I could live in a country for an extended period of time without free Universal Health Care. It gives me such peace of mind knowing that if I had an accident, it won’t cost me a fortune just to get to hospital, and if (heaven forbid) I got cancer or need any form of medical treatment – it will always be free and all I have to worry about is my health. NOT how much is this going to cost me?!

You don’t appreciate it until that peace of mind is taken away from you.

I’ve always been an ardent supporter of the NHS, but in some ways I’d always taken it for granted in Britain. I’m certainly beginning to appreciate how wonderful it is now.

We’ve also discovered that we’ve been succesful in obtaining tickets for next years Olympics. We don’t know how many, or for what events yet – but we’re very excited. As I’m sure everybody else is.

So we’ll be seeing most of you sometime in late July-August 2012. We’re coming home for the Olympics, and because we’ll be missing home like crazy. Note the date in your diaries, and DON’T (whatever you do) go booking your holidays to Tenerife or Thailand around then!

424 days and counting.

Plummer and Chin go to London 2012

2 thoughts on “We’re staying another year, an expensive trip to the Doctors and London 2012”

  1. Very satisfying to have written verification/evidence on your intention to return home!
    Hopefully the next 15 months will pass swiftly. xx


  2. Plummer I wish we were still there since the cost of medical is cheaper in Korea than here in the states. I will be forking out 150$ tomorrow just to see the doctor for Soo. Just think when we had Soo’s surgery and hospital stay and all her tests it cost around 2000 american dollars. I didn’t mind forking that out since I knew here in the states it would of been 3 or 4 times that amount.

    We miss you guys and hope that your next year is better than the first. I knew you guys would sign on for another year once you bought that bed from us.. 😀



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