The Great British Royal Wedding

The time is almost upon us for the wedding of our beloved William to that Kate girl….

I for one wish I was in England to witness it and soak up some of the atmosphere. It’d also be nice to actually enjoy the long bank holiday. Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen. Instead, Amelia and I are going to finish work on Friday and have our very own Royal Wedding party in our apartment courtesy of CNN. Incidentally CNN seems to consider nothing else news worthy at the moment. For the last two weeks Syria, Libya and Japan have been irrelevant. It’s just been Royal Wedding, Royal Wedding and more Royal Wedding. Even I’ve been getting a little sick of it!

As most of you will know, I am fiercely patriotic. Rightly or wrongly so – I’m very proud to be British. Or more specifically should I say, English. It must suck to be Welsh, Irish or Scottish – everyone considers you to be English outside of perhaps America and certain parts of Europe.

Example – Whilst buying train tickets the other day I had to enter my nationality, British and UK were unavailable. The only option was English. Oh how the principalities would have been hating it!

I have been trying to do my bit to teach the kids about our countrys traditions and Royal Family in the run up to the big day. Don’t worry, I haven’t been brainwashing them. None of my children knew about the Wedding or  the Royal Family except for Elizabeth. I’m trying to do my bit to make sure they do. I think quite a few of them may even be watching the wedding now! Suffice to say, I’m very happy about this.

Maybe you’ve heard of the British Royal Family? 6,000 or so Korean children have now!

You may also be amused to know that I posted the lesson I designed on the South Korean foreign teachers website ( – ‘The Great British Royal Wedding’). Since uploading it last Friday, it has been viewed over 1,250 times and downloaded by over 150 teachers so far. Now if my maths is correct, if every teacher who downloaded the lesson shows it to at least two classes of 20 students (which could well be a conservative estimate) then that means 6000 Korean students (plus the 80 in my classes) will have learnt about the British Royal Family, and some of our traditions and culture.

Most of my students had never even heard of Princess Diana. For 6000 or so Koreans, this will have all changed in the past week. I’m very proud of this. I’m improving their English (albeit slowly) and improving their knowledge of the world.

The Duke – A living legend

My classes on the Royal Wedding have triggered a great feeling of pride within me at being British. I can’t say I particularly like the Royal Family (except for QEII, Wills, Harry, Di and the legendary Duke) but seeing the children’s faces light up and listen as I told them about Diana, showed them pictures of William and Harry, the palaces, cathedrals and the processions gave me quite a buzz. They really seemed to enjoy it and were fascinated.

It made me realise there is nothing else like it in the world. There are other Royal Familys and high-profile World Leaders, but none with the status and prestige that the House of Windsor-Mountbatten seems to enjoy across the world.

Nobody it seems, can put on a spectacular fancy dress show like we can.

They say 2 billion people are going to tune in on Friday. That is quite a figure.

If my ‘sources’ at Wikipedia are correct, it will be the 2nd most watched TV event in human history. Only surpassed by the funeral of our beloved Princes Di which attracted 2.5 billion viewers.

I’m hoping that the big day isn’t hijacked by mindless groups who have been making threats, such as the Anarchists (hypocrites), Islamic Extremists (scum) and the IRA (idiots).

Oh bore off!

Britain is on the world stage, and I for one (living abroad) will be highly embarrassed, ashamed and angry if our big national holiday and celebration is overshadowed by the actions of a few.

The news is full of grim and unpleasant stories, it’s about time we had something to celebrate and enjoy.

Don’t moan about the cost to the taxpayer, how you don’t care about the wedding, or how you want a ‘Republic’.

Just enjoy the bloody weekend.

I hope you all have a great time back home whatever you do, even if you don’t care about the wedding I’m sure you’re thankful for the long weekend and time off.

Have a great day.

Long Live the Queen!

Congratulations to William and Kate from Korea

One thought on “The Great British Royal Wedding”

  1. Watched wedding at home with friends, it was brilliant, Wills & Kate looked so natural and happy, great to see masses turnout to celebrate in London, atmosphere must be brilliant in the crowds.
    Great to have day off, thanks Will & Kate!
    So proud to be BRITISH (English).
    Love to you Dan & Amelia from Wigston,England. x x x x x x


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